The Big Unknown

It struck me, while on a plane heading to Nashville after attending a funeral for my brother’s friend, that we actually don’t know where we go once we die. That is a  crazy, scary concept! People offer the: “I’m sure so-and-so will be surprised to see so-and-so in heaven” or “We will soon be reunited all together in heaven.” As genuine as these sentiments are, they are only as strong as our faith. And maybe our faith can be really strong, strong enough to propel us through this life. Though wouldn’t we much rather know than have to go off faith alone? Or maybe we wouldn’t…if knowing is worse than what faith offers..maybe that’s what we fear. 

But for all that we know and are seeking to know about this world and life, how have we not figured the big “what’s next” question out yet? And are there even people working on it? Or is it not a well-funded area because= it doesn’t matter for the insurers, marketers, and government officials of this world..if they figure out where you go, that’s all it is. It doesn’t affect this life. Unless there really is a heaven/good place and a hell/bad place. Then people might start acting more morally (however they define that), including all those gov officials and money dealers…but how would it even be determined who gets in where? It would probably be just as ambiguous of a game as it is today, with everyone having justification why THEY deserve to be in the good place. Even if they know they’ve done some bad things, they can say—well, I was at the mercy of my parents, my upbringing, or the situation. And especially at a young person’s funeral, there is not a shadow of a doubt that they are in the better of two places. Because they haven’t lived long enough to have committed enough wrongs to go to the bad place. And if they were bad, being taken from this world too early is punishment enough. I’d wager that the belief at 90% of funerals is that the person is living peacefully in heaven (if the funeral-goers believe in such a thing). The people who attend a funeral are normally biased to believe that the person was good or had good enough qualities…I mean, they wouldn’t show up to the funeral of someone who was rotten to the core.  

I wonder about murderers..I don’t think that the majority of people think they go to heaven, but is that just because they don’t believe in one? Because hell is such an awful place to imagine anyone (unless you hate them; but then you’d probably not be at their funeral). But so is the void. That sounds pretty awful too. SO WHAT IS THERE?

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