Do you think we live in an age that is more and more frightened of commitment? Or is it just the time in our lives that we are in? Not wanting to commit to a relationship, a housing situation, whatever?

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  1. I definitely don’t think it’s just us, at least not completely. Very, very little in our lives today is static or stable, conditions which can make committing to anything dangerous. Two major factors that come to mind for me are the decreased role of religion in many people’s lives and the looming threat of human extinction via environmental collapse. Both of these strip humanity of precious stability that previous generations had. I remember learning in SOC 101 that one of the most useful traits in a modern member of the workforce is flexibility, the antithesis of commitment. The mantra of the modern-day business world is “there is no long-term.” All of these factors (and more that I’m missing, I’m sure) combine to create a value system that favors the present over the future, thus making commitment and dedication to long-term endeavors more and more unusual.

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