A Street in America..

Might have fast food chains. Strip malls. Boutiques. A disproportionate amount of hair and nail salons. Shops that exclusively sell bougie things like ice cream sandwiches or açaí bowls.

Buildings and parking lots might be covered in a layer of powder or grime or have been freshly power-washed. There might be lots of “for sale” or “for lease” signs in front of empty stores or there might be lines of people curved around the block to get into one of several praised-by-Yelp restaurants. There might be strip clubs or lots of public art installations; maybe even the town or city has commissioned people to paint on the electrical boxes (which are objectively very ugly by themselves).

Maybe the trees are adorned with lights during the holiday season and there’s even the smell of chestnuts roasting over an open fire. Or maybe the holidays pass with only some hefty corporate wreathes strapped to the doors present to witness the fleeing of people to a different street in America.

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