First Impressions

In college and during first days (and possibly up to your last days at Williams) you make a lot of first impressions. The first impressions you make partly depend on the context in which you meet, which can change the way people think about you. First impressions are hard to change. Imagine this: you meet someone in Hoxsey when they release all of their inhibitions. But at the same time, if you had met that person in class after they shared a profound revelation they made about the reading, the way you view them would be different right? It’s just to say that people are so incredibly complex and multi-faceted. You can be one person in one setting, and another person in one setting (obviously). As someone who is in your own body 24/7, you know about all of your different sides, but some people on campus may only know you as your Hoxsey self, or as your academic selves which can be kind of weird.

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