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It’s always fun to find a satisfying time-waster or quick game on the internet. It’s also always fun to stumble upon a website that explains complex topics or theories in an easily-understood or creative manner. Recently, I found both of these on Nicky Case’s website, which is chock full of cute, fun, fascinating, interactive learning animations! I’d definitely recommend using some procrastination time to check out The Evolution of Trust, the lesson that originally brought me to the site. I’ve since checked out a few of the others, and they’ve all been super interesting. Start out here for a nice, quick one, but tread carefully with this one, I got a little scarred…. Anyway, check out this website and do some positive procrastination!

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  1. Nicky Case has some amazing insights. I just played the wisdom and/or madness of crowds sim, and it makes me think of Sawyer Thoughts…

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