In Praise of Unnecessary Knowledge

A few days ago, I started a new daily habit of writing a fun fact on the whiteboard on the door to my room. These facts aren’t things I learn in class. They aren’t “life hacks” or inspirational quotes. They are true facts about things that have happened in the past or about the way things are, and they are completely inconsequential, of no practical use to anyone. And that’s why they’re great!

Learning is not something that should always be a chore. Discovering more about the world around us should be fun and awe-inspiring! I want to do my part to kindle the joy of discovery in people around me, and in myself too. Fun facts, trivia, unnecessary knowledge are perfect for such inspiration. They don’t carry any responsibility with them. You don’t need to act upon them, you don’t even need to remember them! You just need to enjoy them and appreciate knowing something more about the fascinating world we live in.

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  1. this legitimately made me so happy when I saw it the hall yesterday. It’s such a simple thing to do, but I also feel like we really don’t use the whiteboards enough and actually having something on them spices up the hallway. We need to get more of AP3 to do things like this! However, as Conrad and I have already taken deeply uninspirational quotes and you’ve done fun facts, they’ll have to find their own methods of daily information-givers.

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