It’s a strange emotion. Nostalgia is basically bittersweet by definition: simultaneously a happy remembrance of “the good ol’ days” and a wistful yearning to return to the simplicity and peace of those times. I’ve never really thought too deeply into the experience of nostalgia before, but now that I’m back home, surrounded by faces I haven’t seen in a year and running through a village I’ve made lots of memories in, I’ve been struck by how odd the mind’s rose-tinted recollections of the times gone by are. After all, it wasn’t as if I actually had no problems back then! People always have anxieties and insecurities, and many of those that I had then I still do today! I bet nostalgia’s existence is directly tied in to the natural human fear of change. It’s the mind telling you, “remember how great things have been? You don’t want to lose what you have, do you?” I’ve been doing my best to take such impulses with a grain of salt, and being excited about the future as well as content with the past. The times I’ve had have been great, but I’m looking forward to making the times to come even better!

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  1. I’m totally someone who can be swallowed whole by nostalgia. During some drives at home, I’ll go 15 minutes reliving memories about the places I’m traveling through, completely enraptured by (an often rose-tinted version of) the past. I agree that it is important to stay in the present, allowing yourself to transverse into the past or future sometimes, but not to dwell on it.

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