The Depth of Human Experience

***NOTE: I was partially inspired to put this post together after finishing the excellent anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. To say any more would involve spoilers, but what I talk about here is a major theme of the show, so if you’re interested in what you read, definitely check it out!***

On our “About The Blog” page, some brilliant friend of Grace’s is quoted: “Don’t you think there’s a lot to us all?” I absolutely think so, and I’ve been spending some time this summer thinking about just how much that is. And the more I think about it, the more staggeringly vast individual consciousness and experience seems to me! We each have a universe inside of our heads. There is so, so much going on constantly within us, that often can’t be seen by others around us. I definitely think we overestimate the extent to which we can understand or be understood by others, just because our experience of ourselves is so so much deeper than what can be projected in a typical social setting.

Is it any wonder that giving advice is so hard, when every person’s individual experience is so unique? Is it any wonder that intimacy is so hard when only a tiny tip of the iceberg of a person’s soul is bared to anyone outside of themselves at a given time? Is it any wonder that everyone feels insecure or unconfident sometimes when that tip is usually the best our superego has to offer, and we’re all too aware of what else lies hidden underneath?

Thinking this way probably isn’t actually going to change my interactions with others all that much, but I definitely think there are real insights to be made by considering the rich, complex, and subjective worlds that each person has all to themselves.

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  1. I could not agree more, Sam, and you stated it so beautifully. I think this realization can help us be slower to judge and criticize people and more willing to listen and ask questions to try to discover where whatever came out of their mouth is really coming from.

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