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When we’re in Sawyer at the end of the day, our minds are normally spinning with thoughts about the people around us and their life stories. Grace’s high school friend (who now attends the school-which-must-not-be-named) once wondered out loud, “Don’t you think there’s a lot to us all?” There really is if you think about it. And we here at Sawyer Thoughts think this *deep thought and others (that often come to us at night) are worth thinking and talking about and marveling over.

We also embrace letting our assigned reading blow our minds. Sometimes a reading seems so profound and consequential that waiting to talk about it in class the next day feels too far away. We just want to tell people! But…there’s a quiet policy in Sawyer.

Credit: Phillip Pyle

This blog is meant to be a place for all the ideas that come to Williams students (in Sawyer or elsewhere) about life, the human condition, our interests, *deep questions, or anything else we find interesting! We also want it to be a place to share inspiring videos, music, articles, and other content on the internet.

*Deep can be defined as profound, wise, poignant, fascinating, meaningful, meta, really anything that makes a commentary on life and/or the human condition (one of the better Wiki pages out there).

We wanted to start this blog for two main reasons:

One: To recognize that we all think about deep things and have strong feelings…even though sometimes it seems like all anyone wants to talk/cares about is “the grind,” “the future,” and social media.

Two: To create a community around thinkers & feelers and spark rich conversations!

Please add thoughts and content through the Contribute page, comment on posts, or just read/take in and savor in your literacy and processing abilities!

A few guidelines and encouragements:

  • Go for it! Don’t worry about whether something is “deep” enough or matches other content…Say what’s on your mind; you’re welcome here!
  • If you add a piece of content to the site, please write a little blurb explaining why it’s meaningful to you. That’s what will make this blog different from other blogs and have a distinct Williams’ flavor.
  • Pictures add a lot. But make sure to cite it if it’s not yours.
  • Good spelling is still in.
  • Think before you post. (Sawyer Thoughts’ curators reserve the right to take down anything they believe violates the vibe.)
A playlist made by the Sawyer Thoughts curators.
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