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5 Things They Can’t Live Without (In Their Own Words)

Annie Miklas

What Makes Earth a Wonderful Place:
Large Unsweetened Iced Tea from Burger King
Damien Chazelle’s La La Land
Newly Paved Roads

Avivah Malin

When at the top of a mountain I appreciate:
How any food tastes amazing made on a backpacking stove
Crawling back into bed after long run
Screaming out lyrics on a run or in the car
The unconditional love of puppies
Skiing down the mountain at top speed

Emma Tapscott

Stuff that makes me happy:
Listening to/learning from really cool and nice people
The funny rats in Ratatouille
Running in pretty places with fun people
Chicken parm and pasta

Hannah Jackson

The Epitome of My Existence:
The stars
Exploring forgotten nooks
The flavor of star anise
The moment the plane leaves the ground
Velveeta cup mac n cheese

Sam Schraver

Reasons to Rejoice:
Secondhand bookstores
The view from a peak
The fact that the news only shows exceptions, not rules
Sunday brunch at Driscoll

Teiheim Edwards

Reasons Not to Abandon Earth Yet:
Very large house cats
Kingdom Hearts

Grace Dailey

Instances When My Heart and the Cool Part of My Brain Feel on Fire:
Eating chocolate molten lava cake
Falling into someone’s arms after crossing a finish line
Working on this blog
Watching a good rom-com or drama
Coming to understand people and life better through CONVERSATIONS

Sydney Pope

A Few Of My Favorite Things:
Waking up to a rainy day
Conversations around a campfire
Embracing friends and family after substantial time apart
A sense of humor
The snack that smiles back

Max Chayet

Five Things That Will Probably Kill Me Eventually:
Bad jokes
Hot sauce

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