Interactive Learning on the Internet

It’s always fun to find a satisfying time-waster or quick game on the internet. It’s also always fun to stumble upon a website that explains complex topics or theories in an easily-understood or creative manner. Recently, I found both of …

Wandering Mind? Not to Worry!

Growing up, teachers could always discern the difference between my academically thoughtful face and my “off somewhere wandering” face. Their natural, disciplinarian response was telling me to “focus!”

With that sort of precedent in my life, each time my mind …

The Opposite of Loneliness

This article is about Yale but could be about any college where so much community is found from living in such tight proximity to like-minded, similar-aged, passionate, hopeful people. I can see why so many people go to grad school …

Flying Home

Are people in the emergency exit row of a plane more likely to talk to each other since they are forced to open their mouths to give the flight attendant verbal affirmation that they will comply with federal regulations in

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