Beautiful, Beautiful Windows into People

Humans of New York: The Series. The one below is on Parenting. There are so many other themes covered, all breathtaking and unique in their own ways. If you ever lose your faith in the humanity of humanity, look no further.

27 Emotions, Tons of Gifs

I know you all need an extra source of distraction during finals period, so here you go! This is an interactive map of the 27 basic emotional states, as devised by scientists at UC Berkeley. There are hundreds of gifs and videos included, that appear when you scroll over them and which will make you feel the entire spectrum of emotions! The map captures well how different emotions blend into one another, and how viscerally certain things can make us feel one way or another. I’ve had a lot of fun with it, so check it out for yourself!

Listen & Breathe

I never regret listening to anything by Alan Watts! This is my all-time favorite guided meditation. There’s a lot to take away from it, but I think it really captures the purpose of meditation: to locate oneself at the intersection of focus and relaxation, doing and experiencing.


“like you just escaped an evil orphanage to join a Russian cirus;” “like mangoes are in season.” He’s got a hypothetical for everyone that will fire you up to rock out—whatever that means to you— but like your life depended on it.

Anis Mojgani is a spoken word poet and artist hailing from Portland, Oregon.

You (Probably) Don’t Exist

This is one of my favorite videos of exurb1a‘s. His other stuff also often comes back to the theme of “it might seem like life sucks, but existence in this day and age is so precious and unlikely that we should live and love and laugh anyway.”

Good Podcast w Art Critic Jerry Saltz

Really the whole thing is quite good.

14:00 !

“Art is not about understanding. No one asks what does Mozart mean.”

“In the West we don’t trust pleasure as a form of meaning anymore”

“I see the show and then about an hour later I go ‘it’s time to write.’ That’s it. I’ve gotta go on pure instinct [I don’t heavily research the critics’ responses to the show or the general consensus]”


“You must be radically vulnerable in your work” “You must not stay in your lane. You must be able to wear whatever hat you want as long as it does not hurt anyone.”

He loves what he does and hopes to do it for all his life. But every morning wakes up stressed out of failure and publicity


Flipping through a notebook after its final is over

is a strange experience. All of that knowledge, where will it go? Will we draw on it in our next classes, in our job, at our dinner table conversations (cough..debates) with our relatives who believe everyone comes back from college “raging liberals”? Or will we forget it? Most likely. But maybe knowing the facts isn’t the point so much as learning “how to think.” Orr…there’s something even more. “You get to unconsciously decide what has meaning and what doesn’t.” It’s realizing that an annoying long check-out line can be more than just annoying and long if you want it to be. See what he means below.

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